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stepsKingston Walks

Kingston Walks

Join us on an engaging walking tour

Kingston Walks are for residents and visitors alike. There is always something fascinating to learn about this historic city.  Get ready to explore downtown Kingston on a 90-minute walking tour combined with one of our expert guides and headset technology.


Our Location

209 Ontario St, Kingston, ON
Our 90 minute walking tours take you through the streets of downtown Kingston where you will learn about the city's captivating heritage and history. Our guides are eager to get out and show you the fascinating sites in downtown Kingston while digging into the city's history, heritage and development!
stepsKingston Walks

Explore Kingston, Ontario

Kingston is a vibrant town in Eastern Ontario, rich in Canadian history and culture. Our close proximity to the famous Thousand Islands region attracts tourists from all over the world to visit, stay and explore the area. As the largest city to border the Canadian side of the Thousand Islands, Kingston offers plenty to see and do:



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Historic Sites To See

City Hall, St. George’s Cathedral and Confederation Park are a few of the sites you’ll see along your walking tour. Every Kingston landmark has its own unique history!

Learn As You Walk

Learn how the city of Kingston came to be; once destroyed, later rebuilt into the beautiful place you’re exploring today.